Case conceptualization and EMDR treatment in complex cases


When you work with clients with complex presentations it can be difficult to conceptualise how EMDR could fit in a comprehensive treatmentplan. In my fifteen years as an EMDR Consultant, this is the most frequent question asked. Therefore, I decided to provide you with this workshop and hopefully improve your skills in making trauma informed case conceptualisations and use EMDR sooner and more frequent.

In this workshop we will first discuss the theoretic framework of how to position EMDR within a comprehensive treatment. Then we will discuss the different strategies to search for target memories, when to use which strategy and the potential risks and pitfalls. Arianne will then discuss the different parameters for prioritizing targets and how to plan the most effective processing order.

Then we will go through the different types of presentations such as complex trauma, generalized anxiety, OCD, depression, suicidality, and self-harming, eating disorders, anger and violence, sexualized behaviours, neurodiversity. With case examples Arianne will illustrate different ways of trauma informed case conceptualisations, alternated with practise with case vignettes. Arianne will then conclude summarising the key points again. 

Learning outcomes

  • Participants can make trauma informed case conceptualisations in complex cases.
  • Participants can position EMDR treatment within a comprehensive treatment plan with a variety of complex presentations.
  • Participants can search, select and prioritise target memories to optimise the treatment process.


Need to have completed EMDR training (level 1 and 2 or weekend 1 and 2).

This workshop is for clinicians working with adults and children as the same principles of conceptualization apply.

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About the trainer

Arianne Struik is a Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist and EMDR Consultant, originally from the Netherlands. She is  director of the Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children (ICTC) from which she provides specialized trauma treatment in remote areas, as well as workshops, training, supervision and research. She developed the award-winning Sleeping Dogs method, described in the book Treating Chronically Traumatized Children and teaches internationally on the treatment of trauma and dissociation in children. She is member of the ESTD Child and Adolescent Committee



9am-4 pm Queensland time zone

9am-4pm Melbourne/Sydney time zone

Participants preferably attend live, however if you cannot make these times, you will receive the recording of this workshop. This recording is available for 2 months.




375 AUD ex GST

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