EMDR with adolescent with neuro functional disorder

About the workshop

Jenny Dwyer presented this case at the EMDRAA conference last year and I was blown away by her videos of using EMDR with a teenager with neurofunctional disorder and I wanted to give everyone that missed it the opportunity to see her excellent presentation.
It follows the therapeutic journey with a 16-year-old girl who suffered debilitating pseudo seizures following a traumatic event. With the standard protocol providing structure and guidance, the therapist drew on adaptations and adjunct approaches to help build the therapeutic alliance and ensure safe processing. This included family therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, and the creative use of Elan Shapiro’s G-TEP. The presentation makes extensive use of clinical video excerpts which is why this presentation will not be recorded.

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About the trainer

Dr Jenny Dwyer is the Director of EMDR Academy Australia. She an accredited mental health social worker, child and family therapist, and EMDR consultant and trainer. In her clinical practice, she provides EMDR to adults, children and families, incorporating a range of adjunct approaches, including Animal Assisted Therapy. She has an interest in EMDR early intervention and group treatments and is accredited to provide R-TEP and G-TEP training in Australia.



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EMDR Europe CPD Credits 1.5

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