EMDR with conversion and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

About the webinar

In the last years there has been a large increase in children and young people with dissociative seizures and conversion symptoms. Trauma treatment can help them overcome those symptoms, but what is needed to prepare them and how can they get access to their traumatic memories without dissociating or having a seizure. 

In this presentation Arianne Struik and Jenny Dwyer will discuss how to understand dissociative seizures and conversion disorder, now called Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), in children and adolescents from a theoretical viewpoint. They will discuss how to make a case formulation, how to prepare children and young people for EMDR and manage their conversion symptoms or dissociative seizures in therapy sessions and how involvement of the child’s network or animals and working systemically can contribute. 

They will demonstrate how to ensure safe processing of the traumatic memories with EMDR, how an intensive EMDR can be beneficial and how to troubleshoot when processing gets stuck. This presentation makes extensive use of clinical video excerpts which is why this presentation will not be recorded.

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About the trainer

Dr Jenny Dwyer is the Director of EMDR Academy Australia. She an accredited mental health social worker, child and family therapist, and EMDR consultant and trainer. In her clinical practice, she provides EMDR to adults, children and families, incorporating a range of adjunct approaches, including Animal Assisted Therapy. She has an interest in EMDR early intervention and group treatments and is accredited to provide R-TEP and G-TEP training in Australia.

Arianne Struik is a Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist and EMDR Consultant, originally from the Netherlands. She is  director of the Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children (ICTC) from which she provides specialized trauma treatment in remote areas, as well as workshops, training, supervision and research. She developed the award-winning Sleeping Dogs method, described in the book Treating Chronically Traumatized Children and teaches internationally on the treatment of trauma and dissociation in children. She is member of the ESTD Child and Adolescent Committee.




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Chronic trauma in children manifests in so many ways. Training provided by the Institute forChronically Traumatized Children provides practitioners with knowledge and skills to supportchildren and their families find pathways to healing.
Chris Tudor
Social Worker
Fantastic webinar, I have learned so much about FND and EMDR. Also very practical. I amlookong forward to the next webinar. Thanks you very much