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Pilot study
The Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children has conducted a pilot study on the Sleeping Dogs method which was published in Struik, Ensink & Lindauer (2017) and Struik (2018).
Effectiveness of the Sleeping Dogs method

In 2020 the University of Amsterdam started a large impact study to measure the effectiveness of the Sleeping Dogs method. Chronically traumatised children in foster and residential care organisations, who are considered ‘stuck cases’, are included in a Sleeping Dogs and EMDR or TF-CBT treatment package to evaluate the children’s willingness and ability to engage in trauma-focused treatment with this treatment. The effect of treatment is measured on trauma symptoms, caregiver’s stress levels, school attendance, level of care that is needed, and whether positive decisions about the future can be made. Currently five organisations in the Netherlands participle in this study: Altra, Sterk Huis, Jeugdformaat, Rubicon and De Combinatie, location Widdonck.