Fly-in-fly-out trauma treatment throughout Australia and New Zealand

Arianne Struik, the director of the Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children (ICTC), provides trauma-focused assessment and treatment for infants, children and adolescents with adverse experiences such as domestic and family violence, sexual abuse, neglect, parents with mental health issues or drug and alcohol abuse, medical trauma.

Those children may display trauma-based symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, developmental trauma disorder, dissociation, (suspected) dissociative disorder, functional neurological disorder, attachment issues or reactive attachment disorder, or resistant, oppositional and suicidal behavior. We can also provide consultation on complex or stuck cases, treatment planning or on decisions around reunification and contact arrangements with biological parents.

How to Book

Children can be referred for online consultation, to discuss treatment options, or for FIFO Sleeping Dogs
treatment and EMDR therapy.

For referrals or more information:

EMDR therapy clinics Boyne Island, QLD, Australia

Arianne Struik runs monthly EMDR therapy clinics for children and adults, at BITS Medical Centre in Boyne Island, Queensland, Australia. For referrals and appointments, please contact
BITS Medical Centre.

Organisations that have implemented the Sleeping Dogs method

Worldwide, there are organisations that provide Sleeping Dogs treatment to children and their families.