A better world for children

The Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children (ICTC) provides training, supervision, consultation on the treatment of chronically traumatized children and their families. The director of the ICTC, Arianne Struik, developed the Sleeping Dogs® method, an award-winning treatment to engage chronically traumatized children who seem not motivated and resistant in traumatreatment.

Arianne Struik provides fly-in-fly-out trauma treatment for chronically traumatized children throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We offer training worldwide - online and in-person

The Institute for Chronically Traumatized Children organizes open registration (see calendar) and in-company workshops and webinars.

The ICTC delivers customized workshops or presentations on the Sleeping Dogs® method, for example for fostercare or residential teams, or cover topics such as the impact of domestic violence, sexual abuse and chronic traumatization on children and families, trauma treatment, the assessment and treatment of dissociation and dissociative disorders in children, attachment, the use of EMDR with children, trauma treatment for infants 0-4 years, the assessment of children with (suspected) sexual abuse, trauma-informed safety planning, conversational techniques and systemic interventions with perpetrator-parents, working with denial and disputed abuse, and creating Trauma Healing Stories.

Become certified in the Sleeping Dogs method

Chronically traumatized children often feel helpless, incompetent, and disconnected from their families. It is no wonder they present as unwilling or unmotivated to engage in trauma-focused therapy, as their basic needs are not met.

The Sleeping Dogs method is a treatment method to engage chronically traumatized children in trauma treatment. The method is used for children, who initially cannot talk about their traumatic memories or do not want to do that.